Definitive Map Consolidation


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Consolidating a definitive map can be a daunting task to tackle even if recognising that an up to date map is of huge benefit which can save a lot of officer time. It's a task that there is never time to address and is always shifted forward. This course breaks down the task to create a plan, assess resources, develop process and make a start having considered various methods, pitfalls to avoid, and gathered experience from others who have already achieved consolidation.

Main topics

  • Why consolidate, making the business case for resources
  • Creating a plan to calculate resource needed and timescale
  • Rationalising boundaries, path numbering, parish loss or gain
  • Making Omnibus Legal Event Modification Orders
  • Digitising the map, interpretation and discretion
  • Discrepancies and anomalies
  • Making a start!

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciation of the value of consolidation and its business case
  • Awareness of what is needed to implement procedure
  • Understanding of the process and how to start


Intermediate. A working knowledge of the definitive map. The course is designed for council officers responsible for definitive map records, as team leader, officer or technician.


Laura Wilkins Definitive Map Team Leader, Kent County Council

Maria McLauchlan Definitive Map Officer, Kent County Council


Members £251, non-members £359 (+VAT)


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