Interested in Rights of Way and Access?

Public rights of way and access management are central to countryside and urban access, to transport, to recreation and tourism. Their broad influence is reflected by the variety of work in the profession. As such, the field provides demanding and satisfying careers, with potential for personal and professional development, for new career paths within the profession and continually changing aspects of work.

Jobs in public rights of way come at many levels, from assistant to management and most will be in local government. However increasingly there are also some jobs with private companies, to which a highway authority’s function has been contracted out, or small consultancy firms.

There are no specific qualifications and requirements vary with posts; many request a degree and a course that has involved countryside management, access management or rights of way modules will be most helpful to a recent graduate. Practical diploma courses provide useful skills for physical jobs in maintenance of rights of way, controlling vegetation, building bridges, erecting gates, making steps, laying pitching.

Salaries vary considerably: some start at around £18,000 for new entrants or manual jobs ranging up to management posts at over £45,000. It is not a profession in which to get rich, but it is one that is widely varied, and becoming more varied in response to changing legislation, social development and, as in anything, information technology.

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Membership of IPROW (The Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management) is an excellent way to keep in touch with what is happening in the profession as it includes a quarterly journal (Waymark), discounted rates on IPROW training courses and a job advertisement service. If you are new to the profession, IPROW has an associate category open to people who have not been in the profession long enough to qualify for application as a full member.


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