Drafting Orders

9.30 to 13.00 each day

Virtual by Microsoft Teams

Orders need to be drafted correctly to ensure that all your hard work is not ‘thrown out’ on a technicality, but achieves the desired change. This course considers the tests to check to ensure you are making the correct type of order to achieve the purpose and how to draft it accurately.

A good understanding of general rights of way law and practice will be required. Pre-course reading will be provided to ensure a consistent starting level is met for the course.

Following consideration of the legislation and what orders are available to change rights and the definitive map, the day will largely be spent addressing the legal tests to ensure the correct order is made; drafting orders and notices for all types of order, followed by practical application and assessment.

Main topics

  • Which order and the right legislation
  • Using the correct legislative provisions in your order
  • Complying with the regulations
  • Accurate order and notice drafting

Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the legislation and process
  • Familiarity with the different legal provisions
  • Awareness of good practice in drafting orders and notices
  • Appreciation of the value and pitfalls of using templates


The course is aimed at officers responsible for order drafting, whether in legal teams or public rights of way.  It is likely to also benefit rights of way officers new to making orders in clarifying the tests and requirements for a successful order.


Rosalinde Emrys-Roberts is a consultant who worked as Definitive Map Team Leader at Hertfordshire County Council for many years and is part of the Stakeholder Working Group which refined proposals to government resulting in the Deregulation Act.


£242 with member's discount, £346 non-member (exc VAT)

If you have interest in only modification or only public path orders, it is possible to do just the relevant half of the course at a fee of £148 (£203 non-members) (exc VAT)


Microsoft Teams is the software used for training which is available to anyone through a web browser even if the application is not installed. The app enhances the experience but the basic functionality of the browser version is adequate to participate in the course. If you have not previously joined an external Teams meeting, you can use this test meeting link to check.

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