Defra on ROW reform: Timetable update

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From Paul Davison, Defra Lead:

As you know Defra has been working hard towards laying the ‘rights of way in use’ exception and the right to apply regulations this summer.
I am emailing to let you know that I will shortly be leaving the team and taking on a new role elsewhere in Defra, and therefore will no longer be leading on the reforms. As a result of my departure there will inevitably be a delay on any further work until my successor is appointed, and we will need to review our delivery timetable.
Given this and the further work still required on the ‘rights of way in use’ exception SI, which is having a knock-on effect on the right to apply SIs, unfortunately we will now need to push back the planned laying dates that I circulated earlier this year. Summer recess, party conference recess and an upcoming pre-election period at some point before next January may will make it difficult to lay legislation over the subsequent months, but colleagues will keep you posted as the team look for opportunities to do so.
Until my successor has been appointed, the team will not have capacity to continue developing the policy or drafting the SIs. Nevertheless, the Government remains committed to implementing the reforms and seeing the programme through to its conclusion as soon as we are able.
Colleagues will still attend the regular rights of way managers meetings/IPROW meetings and will let you know shortly who is best placed to represent Defra.
I’d also just like to say thank you to the group for all your input, and that I’ve enjoyed working with you during my time on the reforms which I’ve always found to be both very constructive and instructive.
Paul Ballinger will be the best contact for any questions.

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