Defra on ROW reform: Timetable update

This information is in the public domain and can be shared freely.
We recently put up a submission to Ministers outlining our proposed timetable for implementing the rights to apply and the reforms. I’m pleased to say I can now finally let you know that we are intending to lay the secondary legislation for the ‘right to apply’ in June/July, followed by the DMMO reforms in December and the exceptions regulations in early 2025. Of course it is likely the date of a general election could still impact these timings, but this is what we’re aiming for, and we are currently on schedule. Please note that these are only the laying dates, and the in-force dates are currently TBC. This is because we’ll need to make sure we build in sufficient time for applicants, landowners and local authorities to become familiar with the new procedures, and we won’t know how much time we’ll need until nearer the time.
Further, Ministers have also decided to bring back the exception for unrecorded historic rights of way in public use, and to lay this as a separate SI in May. It is hoped this will provide some reassurance and reduce burdens on local authorities both before and after the cut-off date. We’re now beginning the drafting process, and once we’ve got a final draft I’d be very happy to share that with you and go though it on a call.

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