The workshop on 5 July has been cancelled as Defra is now taking forward most of the provisions of the Deregulation Act, rather than only those associated with Right to Apply, and the quantity of work arising means there will be nothing substantive from Defra by 5 July. The event will be rescheduled when progress has been made.

We have considered holding the event anyway, but know from experience that discussion requires the detail of regulations from Defra (which is not available) to be constructive and avoid frustration.

This event was intended to be:

Defra is pursuing the secondary legislation required to commence provisions of the Deregulation Act 2015. This workshop on 5 July from 10-11 a.m. will provide an update on progress and timeframes from Defra and an opportunity to discuss their impact. Depending on number booking and Defra’s progress, we may break into small discussion groups to facilitate exchange of thoughts.