Webinars are video conferences, usually about an hour long, which may be an update, or considering a compact topic, or simply an opportunity to compare experience or views on a particular question that has arisen.

The format has plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion and the number of people participating is kept low enough to accommodate interaction.

Current topics are listed on the training page.

Webinars are open to members-only and are free – a valuable benefit of membership. Read more about membership …

Members see webinars as an ideal way to continue professional development and learning without travel—both for its impact on the environment and the increasing time taken—and to make more training more accessible, providing a significant benefit from membership.  They have said:

I think events of this format would be a useful tool moving forward for IPROW. They allow for smaller or more niche topics of interest to be covered in an agile and flexible way.

I thought this webinar format worked well, enabling me to attend a useful training exercise without leaving my desk or having to travel miles. I also liked the structure of the webinar, giving people the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each segment.

It was a good way of getting training for a short period of time without having to travel.

Such a good use of time and quite interactive as presenters can encourage and answer questions from the audience.

The webinar was very useful and it’s good to do training in that format.

I gained a lot of information in a short space of time which didn’t involve a day away from the office. It was a bonus also that it was free.