“The conference and training courses give me lots of opportunities to exchange ideas and network.” ~ Oliver Grownow


Training Delivered by Rights of Way Professionals

IPROW is continually developing new training courses, delivered by professionals in the rights of way field and tailored specifically for the needs of members.  The Annual Update features speakers and workshops on a theme of current interest.

If you are interested in more details of potential courses, contact

IPROW gained accreditation as a training provider of the Law Society when it still ran its accredited CPD scheme and was praised for the quality of the training and materials.

Courses continue to be updated and improved and new topics delivered every year in response to demand.

At any event, in addition to its content, one great benefit is the opportunity to meet other members, find out who is doing what where and how successfully, to come away with a wealth of possibilities to try and contacts for future communication.


Any recent IPROW course can run again given sufficient demand.  This may be from national requests or you may wish to have a training day for your own authority staff, or to combine with neighbouring authorities for a course at your location. See the Local tab for more information.

Contact Geri Coop for more details on any of the courses listed below, to discuss options or register your interest in a course being repeated.

Three day course

  • Rights of Way Law and Practice:  comprising Modification Orders, Public Path Orders, Maintenance, Enforcement

One day courses

  • Enforcement
  • Maintenence
  • Agriculture for Rights of Way Officers

  • Public Path Orders
  • Modification Orders – foundation level or intermediate
  • Drafting Orders
  • Case Law for Order Making (MO and PPO)
  • Opposed Orders
  • Writing Statements of Case
  • Proofs of Evidence and Cross-examination
  • Public Inquiries

  • Documentary Evidence
  • User Evidence
  • Interviewing Witnesses (aimed at modification order user evidence but applicable to enforcement)

  • Achieving Desirable Outcomes from Development

  • Introduction to Rights of Way (a three hour overview aimed at councillors or similar)


There are decreased budgets for training but high demand with people taking on new roles and a greater need to ensure accuracy, efficiency and good practice, so you may find it more cost effective to supply IPROW training at your authority for several of your team, rather than picking one person to go away to a course.

Running an IPROW course in-house saves your staff travelling time and cost, and may be an overall saving as IPROW will charge for a set number of participants, irrespective of the number attending (subject to practical limits for the course to be effective).

IPROW courses are continually updated and we offer an extensive selection of sessions. You can pick your ideal content from the menu for a bespoke course and get everyone up to date at once.

For a small team, why not see if your neighbouring authorities would be interested in sending some colleagues to join you?

Training days may be:

1. A standard IPROW course (there are some exceptions)
2. A combination of sessions from more than one IPROW course
3. New sessions developed for a specific need

Does this interest you? Prices start from £1,100 dependent on location (travel expenses for trainer) and nature of course required for ten to fifteen people. That’s less than £100 per person for high quality training with no additional time or travel costs.

Provision is usually on the basis that the host authority provides the room, catering, any equipment (e.g. projector) and any printing. IPROW will provide the trainer(s), including travel and accommodation (if required).

Do you really know the law and good practice for your work or are you making assumptions? Have your colleagues been telling you how to do a new task? Are any of you up to date in current good practice? Do you need inspiration on how to use your time more efficiently? How to avoid being drawn into situations that eat time for no gain?

If you are interested, for yourself or your team, please contact to discuss your needs.


Sometimes one or two members of staff are in urgent need of training and have usually managed to just miss the only course on their topic that year. Rights of way being such a small field means there is rarely enough demand for IPROW to repeat a course within a year, quite often longer.

In such a situation, the ideal solution may be one to one (or two) training in your workplace tailored specifically to your requirements.

Costs for one day’s training are dependent on location but are likely to cost the authority between £550 and £750.

Contact for more information.

Feedback from an IPROW trainer on a recent session

Lucy had historically dealt with public path diversion applications but, following reorganisation had been given responsibility for modification applications as well.

Lucy and I set aside an entire day for the training. We discussed beforehand her existing experience and knowledge so that I was aware of how much she already knew and which areas she needed training in. I was then able to tailor my training to her precise needs.

On the day Lucy had booked a meeting room and we sat together and discussed the modification process in detail. I broke it down into manageable sections and we discussed each in turn, with Lucy asking questions whenever necessary. By the end of the day we had covered a lot, but Lucy was pleased with how much she had learned. I expected her to have more questions once she started to apply her training to her work and said I would happily respond to any by phone/email once she had settled down into her new role.

The advantage to this type of training is that it is tailor-made to the individual concerned. I would consider it particularly beneficial in the case of small authorities where an officer is having to deal with certain areas of work on their own, or in a very small team. It would be as possible to carry out such training by telephone if necessary. I didn’t provide any written notes for Lucy as I felt it would be more beneficial if she wrote her own, but if the trainee particularly wanted pre-prepared notes they could easily be provided.


Your Satisfaction

IPROW courses are highly regarded as specifically tailored for rights of way practitioners and delivered by people with both extensive rights of way and training experience. Venues are selected to be informal and friendly while providing an excellent learning environment. Good food and facilities are a part of that provision.

We hope that you are fully satisfied with any IPROW course. However, we accept that there are occasions when all may not have been ideal and you may wish to raise concerns about a course, the facilities, or the trainer. Before doing so, we ask that you check that your expectations were realistic in accordance with the objectives of the course as we have known people who expected to be an expert after a five hour course and, as anyone involved in rights of way work for long will tell you, it just is not that easy. Even with the best will and skills, rights of way is a highly complex practice with many grey areas of law for which there simply are no specific answers and much is about exploring and agreeing good practice, and about doing the job for long enough with a wide enough remit to come across the grey areas.

Complaint process

  1. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of a training event, please do not hesitate to raise your concerns immediately with the trainer or other IPROW representative present. It is normally possible to resolve problems there and then and ensure a worthwhile training experience for you.
  2. If this was not successful or you were unable to raise your concerns at the time then please send details of your dissatisfaction to IPROW’s Executive Officer at We would aim to provide an initial response within 20 working days.
  3. Still not satisfied? You are invited to write to the President at who will ensure that the issue is considered by a Director or by the Board as appropriate and response provided to you within a month.

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