Public Path Orders

Public Path Orders are legal events to create, divert or extinguish made under the Highways Act or Town and Country Planning Act, and may include special provisions such as for crime, school security or rail crossings. While often considered to be less complex than modification orders, the number rejected by the Planning Inspectorate or statutory consultees shows that there are plenty of opportunities to ‘get it wrong’. Using the legislation and the correct form of order to achieve the purpose are crucial and there are many potential errors to avoid along the way.

This course covers the detail of the order process with awareness of the tests required for confirmation of any order, problems and how to overcome them, drafting orders correctly and (briefly) opposed orders, along with charging regimes and options.

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Highways Act Public Path Orders: diversions, creations and extinguishments
Highways Act ‘Special’ Orders: railways, crime prevention, school security, and SSSI
Town and Country Planning Act Orders
Creation by agreement
Concurrent orders and agreements
What power to use and when to use it
Limitations and conditions:
What to include, what to leave out
What is a condition
Equality Act considerations
Widths and the widths guidance
Order drafting, plans and standards
Combined orders
Costs and pricing, options for outsourcing or covering officer costs
Opposed orders

Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the statutory process and options
  • Knowledge of good practice
  • Appreciation of the consequences of poor practice


Post-introduction, aimed at officers with over six months in a rights of way job.

The course is designed for Rights of Way Officers, legal officers or solicitors.


Rosalinde Emrys-Roberts is a consultant who worked as Definitive Map Team Leader at Hertfordshire County Council for many years and is part of the Stakeholder Working Group which refined proposals to government resulting in the Deregulation Act.


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To book, please contact Geri Coop for a booing form.


Nov 12 2019


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