Public Inquiries

Modification orders commonly end up at a Public Local Inquiry and both good preparation for and performance at the Inquiry are critical to the success of the case.

For those who have no or limited experience of giving evidence or doing advocacy at an Inquiry, this course will look at preparing for the Inquiry, team working and the importance of preparation and presentation with emphasis on cross-examination skills.

The course includes the immensely valuable and popular mock Inquiry in front of an Inspector as a chance to practise or to try out new approaches.  Past participants have said that they could not have performed as well at an Inquiry without this training course and have found it very beneficial in improving skills even if they have had some experience.

The course is designed round a modification order as most complex but all the principles are the same for public path orders so the course is equally applicable for officers processing public path orders only.

The course will cover practical guidance on:

  • Preparing a case for inquiry
  • Dividing and planning the workload
  • The roles of advocate and expert witness
  • Using witnesses of fact
  • Evidence in chief and cross-examination
  • Inquiry rules, pre-inquiry meetings, costs applications


This is normally a three day course with one day preparation and two days on site with the final day being a role play of an Inquiry involving all participants.  In 2020, due to Covid-19, the first part of the course will take place virtually.  The feasibility of the role play virtually is being considered as PINS will be undertaking virtual Inquiries, or it will take place as planned in a venue when it is appropriate in respect of Covid risk.  For the role play, each participant will need to undertake a day of preparation in study of the case used for the mock inquiry and producing the proof of evidence.

* Prior attendance at the IPROW course on Opposed Orders is strongly recommended unless you are intending to act at an Inquiry as an advocate, in which case please contact Geri Coop at IPROW.


Intermediate.  Basic knowledge of definitive map modification order law and practice, and background knowledge of public inquiry procedure will be assumed.


Definitive map and public rights of way officers and managers, solicitors, and legal executives.


Rosalinde Emrys-Roberts is a consultant who worked as Definitive Map Team Leader at Hertfordshire County Council for many years and is part of the Stakeholder Working Group which refined proposals to government resulting in the Deregulation Act.


Part One by video conference using Microsoft Teams.

Part Two, role play, to be confirmed when clear whether the Planning Inspectorate is undertaking virtual Inquiries, in which case the role play will be virtual, or if not, then at a venue as soon as that is appropriate.

Bookings may be made for Part One only at £346, £242 with member discount.  Part Two may be booked when the format and date is confirmed, at the same price as One if virtual; at a venue will be £376, £272 with member discount.


Nov 24 - 25 2020


9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Member £480; non-member £584


Video conference