Law and Practice May 2021

Rights of way law and practice covering the definitive map, modification and public path orders, maintenance and enforcement provides the foundation for any rights of way officer or ranger.   A manager responsible for rights of way functions should also be aware of the basics of what their team can and should accomplish.

Whatever your job in public rights of way and access, knowledge of the basics of the law and practice are essential to ensure you avoid costly consequences of acting in ignorance of the wider implications of what you say or do. The best solution is to know how not to make those errors in the first place.

Even if your job is only one element, such as public path orders, you should still be aware of how anything you do or say may have an impact on the work of your colleagues such as agreeing a route that will be difficult to maintain or open to misuse.

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Main topics

  • Duties and responsibilities of the definitive map and statement
  • Modification Orders
  • Public Path Orders
  • Asserting and protecting the public right
  • Maintenance duties and powers
  • Protection, compliance and enforcement
  • Doing the best job you can with no resources

Days 1-6 cover:

  1. Definitive Map
  2. Modification Orders
  3. Public Path Orders
  4. Maintenance
  5. Protection, Compliance and Enforcement 1
  6. Protection, Compliance and Enforcement 2

Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the primary duties and powers
  • Awareness of the consequences of unlawful action
  • Knowledge of good practice
  • Appreciation of the complexity of the law and avoiding poor practice


Post-introduction, aimed at officers with nine months to a year in a rights of way job.  This may include recent starters or anyone taking on an area of work new to them; as a refresher for officers in post some time but rarely encountering some situations, and for line managers looking to increase their appreciation of what their team is dealing with.

The course is designed for Rights of Way Officers, legal officers or solicitors, rangers or maintenance staff, and managers with overall responsibility.


Rosalinde Emrys-Roberts is a consultant who worked as Definitive Map Team Leader at Hertfordshire County Council for many years and is part of the Stakeholder Working Group which refined proposals to government resulting in the Deregulation Act.

Graham Rusling has been involved in Countryside Management and Public Rights of Way for more than twenty years and is currently Rights of Way Manager for Kent County Council.

Richard Cuthbert has been involved in Rights of Way Management for more than twenty years and is currently a Director of IPROW and Team Leader Definitive Map and Enforcement at Hertfordshire County Council.


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May 17 - 24 2021


six weekday mornings
9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Members £630 Non-members £739


Virtual by MS Teams