Dogs and Public Access

Dogs and Public Access: Intimidation, Dangers and Disabilities

Anyone whose work is out and about is likely to encounter canines being exercised as well as working dogs. Dogs that are not responsibly housed, trained and exercised present a risk of serious workplace injury for access staff. An intimidating dog can also make the public feel very reluctant to use their access rights, tantamount to an ‘obstruction’. As with rights of way legislation, laws around dog control are fragmented and complex which can lead to ineffective interventions and wasted public funds.

Every day 7,000 accredited assistance dogs help their human partners have more inclusive and independent lives, far beyond ‘guide dogs’ for people with visual impairments. Assistance dogs are now a reality in every landscape, from town parks to remote hill-tops, and care is needed to ensure access management doesn’t inadvertently breach the Equality Act 2010 and result in adverse publicity.

This course will give you practical and legal insights to help you and all access users have safe and enjoyable visits to town, coast and countryside around animals which are not always a human’s ‘best friend’.

Main topics

  • Staying safe: awareness and safety advice when encountering dogs during your work.
  • Dogs as dangers and ‘obstructions’: practical management and enforcement where dogs are causing problems for access users (eg farm yards, narrow urban paths).
  • Assistance dogs: practical and legal considerations given the growing number and type of assistance dogs being taken on public access by people with disabilities.


The course is designed for anyone responsible for land to which the public have access – public rights of way or countryside officers or rangers.


IPROW Fellow and animal behaviourist Stephen Jenkinson has specialised in the management of dogs in the outdoors for the last 18 years, advising clients including the Kennel Club, Natural England, national parks, Forestry England, wildlife and assistance dog charities, housing developers and country estates.


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Mar 18 2021


9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Members £150, Non-members £250


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