Joining IPROW can be as simple as providing your contact details, your job description and two referees. You can apply online – why not start now?

Types of Membership

Full membership is open to those with extensive professional experience of rights of way or access management.  Applicants are likely to have at least five years full time equivalent experience in paid rights of way or countryside access management work.  As part of the application procedure you will be required to submit a recent relevant piece of work, or undertake a telephone conference call or produce a written paper on an approved topic. Please see our guidance notes  for more information. If you still have questions please contact Membership .

Anyone in paid employment in rights of way or countryside access management can join as an Associate.  Associates have access to the same benefits as full members and are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for their professional development to increase their competency and credentials. Associates can be assisted in gaining skills required to become full members, thereby increasing their career potential.

“My membership more than paid for itself with just one phone call of expert advice.”
Carmel Wilkinson, Devon

Further categories of membership are Principal and Fellow for those with more extensive experience please see the guidance notes and contact Membership before making an application for these grades of membership.

All members are bound by the Code of Conduct.


From 1st April 2021 membership fees are £85.20 inc VAT per annum, due on 1st April each year.

The membership fee is not required until your application has been accepted but an administration charge of £34.80 (or £168 in the case of an application for Principal or Fellow) is required on submission to contribute to the costs of processing your application.

New member fees are calculated pro rata for the remainder of the year of application.

For your convenience, on renewal of membership, payment may be made by BACS, by cheque or by invoice. (Sorry, we don’t accept card payments.)

Such is the value placed on IPROW membership by employers large number of our members have their membership fees paid for by their employer.  Your employer may be happy to meet some or all of your application costs and membership fee.  You will find a document making the business case for membership here.

Want to join?  Fill in an application now!

Or you can download an application form (Word) to post, though this process takes much longer so please use the online option if possible. If you download the form, there are some guidance notes on its completion.

For advice on applying or more information on membership, please contact Membership.

“I’ve been intending to join IPROW for ages but the application form just lurked on my desk, then I found the online application on the new website and it was all done in minutes! It was so fast and efficient – much easier!”
Ben Humphreys, Powys County Council