Commons and Village Greens

6 July 2017
Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

This date is for Welsh legislation.  (It was hoped to repeat this course on 7 July at Bristol for English legislation but unfortunately there has been insufficient demand.)

Course Overview

Commons Registration Authorities in England and Wales have a duty to:

  • Keep registers (maps and lists) of common land and of town and village greens
  • Maintain and amend the registers
  • Keep registers open to public inspection
  • Provide certified copies of registers
  • Provide official search replies (Con29 O)

They also have powers to protect commons and greens against unlawful interference.

An understanding of the authority’s duties and powers, as provided in this course, is essential for officers dealing with maintenance of the register, with applications or searches.

Main topics

  • A history of common land
  • The 1965 Commons Registration Act and the Commons Act 2006
  • Amending the commons registers
  • Town and village greens

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of how the registers came into existence
  • Understanding of the composition of the registers
  • Awareness of the circumstances in which registers can be amended
  • Knowledge of how to deal with town and village green applications


Foundation/intermediate: for delegates with little prior knowledge of the subject

The course is designed for anyone needing an update or refresher in knowledge or guidance about current practice in registration of commons or village greens.



Martin Wright has been a Land Search and Commons Registration officer with Hertfordshire and  Cornwall Councils for over thirty years.  He has a working experience of Regulations made under the Commons Registration Act 1965 and Part 1 (Registration) of the Commons Act 2006 as a Commons Pioneer Authority ahead of proposed national implementation. He is the current Chair of the Association of Commons Registration Authorities (ACRA).



Barry Docks Office is adjacent to the station with trains to and from Cardiff Central approximately every 15 minutes.   Free car parking is available at the offices.

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