Charges, cost recovery and commercial awareness

This course is proposed for Sheffield in May 2018.  Contact if you are interested.

Course Overview

All authorities are operating in a challenging environment.  Public sector austerity is set to continue for years and Brexit will add to uncertainty.   Realistically, core funding for public rights of way and access work will not grow and is likely to decrease further.  There is an increasing and pressing need to be able to think more commercially if services are to be sustained in a difficult financial climate.
This course looks at what can be done to ease financial pressures and take some control over the destiny of public rights of way and access service.  It also offers opportunities  to consider whether becoming more commercial as a service can help you to survive.

Level: Introduction-intermediate

No prior knowledge required.  The course is designed for rights of way officers, team leaders and service managers  with any need to consider charging, cost recovery and commercial opportunities.


Main topics

  • Ingredients of a successful business
  • Tools for planning , controlling and monitoring activity
  • Influences on price and understanding your costs (including the regulatory framework for PRoW)
    • Understanding the differences between price and cost
    • Influences on price and common strategies for setting price
    • Types of cost
    • Using cost as a basis for decision making
  • Thinking commercially
  • Specific powers to charge or trade

Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the application of commercial business principles to public rights of way work
  • Awareness and the use of simple tools for business planning
  • The ability to accurately establish costs and where appropriate to introduce a pricing strategy
  • Appreciation of the opportunities and limitations to charging for services


Emma Feakins  Chief Accountant, Commercial Finance, Kent County Council
Graham Rusling  Public Rights of Way and Access Service Manager, Kent County Council

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