Directory of IPROW Members who undertake consultancy work

  • Kath Windett: Public Rights of Way: Research, Advice and Consultancy                       Cumbria based and covering northern England.   07871 910617. Definitive Map – archive research, user evidence, applications and statements of case.  Public Path order applications, stakeholder consultation, promoted routes, network and policy development.  Over 30 years’ experience in rural and urban ROW and access in local government, national park and voluntary organisations.
  • Alison Williamson: Freelance Consultant
    Cirencester 01285 851850
    Consultant since 1998 after leaving National Trust. Development planning & recreational impact assessment, Definitive Map/ Highways Act Orders, expert witness, access management/research. Operates nationwide. Insured.
  • Mike Walker: Public Rights of Way Professional
    Advice on Public rights of way law and management, particularly for land managers with regard to network changes, diversions, etc. 30 years’ experience & currently Chairman of ADEPT National RoW Managers’ Group & Member of ROW Review Committee 0771 805 4905
  • Mike Taylor
    Nantwich 07745 346513
    Cheshire based senior rights of way practitioner. Consultancy experience in public path orders, National Trails, definitive map investigations and training.
  • Sue Rumfitt: Sue Rumfitt Associates
    Bedford 01234 270210
    Registered expert witness. Extensive experience of complex documentary evidence. Experienced advocate at public inquries. IPROW trainer. Bar Counsel licensed access. Past President of IPROW. Fully insured.
  • Carol Ramsden: Birketts LLP
    Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge and Chelmsford 01473 406338
    Birketts is a law firm with a respected national rights of way service – including public path orders, definitive map claims, village greens and private access. Carol has worked in the industry since 1991 and is a Fellow and former Director of IPROW.
  • Bob Milton: Abbeylands
    Farnham 01252 714426
    Research,advocacy and expert witnessing for village greens, common land, public open space, private easements and public rights of way. My experience encompasses village green applications, common land management plans and common land re-registration claims.
  • Clare McRoy: Consultant
    Doncaster 07771 570806
    Countryside Access Consultant specialising in Definitive Map work including research and order-making.
  • Sarah Manchester: Freelance Consultant
    New Forest 07887 867250
    20 years experience in countryside management, specialising in rights of way and access for 15 years. Promotion; audits and surveys; project delivery; integration of access with wider objectives including planning and conservation.
  • John Lindsay: Freelance Consultant
    Merseyside 07738 431358.
    Countryside access experience in key areas: Definitive Map Claims, Public Path Orders, Modification Orders, Surveys & Audits, Feasibility Studies, and Consultancy Work. Email  For further information –
  • George Keeping                                                                                                                                   Market Harborough 07813 977513                                                                                                Archival research; Digitalization of definitive maps; Data management; Surveys; Consultation; Modification Orders; Public Path Orders; Advocacy at Public Inquiries; ROWIP implementation; Local authority rights of way consultancy; Training
  • Stephen Jenkinson: Access and Countryside Management Ltd
    Deerness 08456 439435
    Over 26 years experience working across the UK. Key areas of expertise: training for ROW staff & LAFs; policy, priority & network development; management of dogs & their owners; visitor management; writing specialist publications.
  • Paul Hopkins: Countryside Access Management Ltd.
    Wales 01974 282484
    Director of UK wide consultancy with 30 years experience. Diversion orders; modification orders, research into status, establishment of promoted routes, surveys; consultations and negotiations;
  • Roy Hickey: Public Rights of Way Services Ltd
    Cheltenham 01242 522288
    Roy is a founding IPROW member with over 30 years experience of all aspects of PROW and countryside access work throughout the UK.
  • Claire Goodman-Jones: Birchill Access Consultancy Ltd
    Wales 01970 890491
    UK wide consultancy specialising in range of services including diversions, modification orders, strategic reports e.g. ROWIP’s,  surveys, negotiations, common land, village green & promoted route casework, training. Fully insured.
  • Robin Carr: Robin Carr Associates
    North Nottinghamshire 01623 835798
    One of the country’s leading consultants working throughout England and Wales on all aspects of public rights of way – exp. advocate & expert witness. Full details available at:
  • Rhoda Barnett: Countryside Access Consultant
    Derbyshire 01335 344 809
    All public rights of way management tasks including investigating claims to record PRoW, making public path orders, acting at public inquiries, preparing strategies & carrying out EIAs

Consulting Businesses with at least one IPROW Member

Birketts LLP (Nigel Farthing/Carol Ramsden/Marcia Grice)  01473 406255 / 01473 406338 / 01603 756465
A regional law firm with a national public access speciality: Public Path Orders (agent for applicants), Modification Orders (research, interpretation of evidence), Traffic Regulation Order applications, Public Inquiry representation (a fixed fee), advice on Network Rail Level Crossing Closure Orders, advice on landowners’ rights and responsibilities.