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IPROW produces Waymark for its members, the only journal dedicated to providing information to Public Rights of Way and Access Management professionals throughout the United Kingdom.

Advertising space in Waymark is limited and is always in demand because it reaches a specialist market for products or services.  Waymark is distributed to all members and a number of other subscribers and prospective members.  It travels well beyond its initial circulation and may be seen widely in the countryside profession.  To advertise in Waymark contact the Editor.

Adverts can be placed for a single edition; however, advertisers are offered a significant discount on four adverts to run in consecutive issues.

All prices below exclude VAT which will be added to the fee at the current rate at the time of the invoice. (At January 2018 the rate is 20%.)

Waymark Advertising Costs
Single edition quarter-page advert £ 195
4 successive quarter-page adverts £ 530
Single edition half-page advert £ 345
4 successive half-page adverts £ 945
Single edition full-page advert £ 460
4 successive full-page adverts £ 1240

Standard adverts are A4 Full page 185 x 264 mm (portrait), A4 Half page 185 x 130 mm (landscape), A4 Quarter page 148 x 105 mm (portrait).

Contact the Editor ( in respect of non-standard size or shape adverts.

All advertising must be paid for on booking, copy will not be accepted for publication unless payment has been made.

All advertisements to be supplied as a high resolution PDF file, for colour reproduction in a digital medium in RGB format. We may need you to send any images separately AS WELL AS the PDF file and will contact you if this is the case. (Images to be supplied as jpgs or tifs at a minimum of 72 dpi for smaller images and up to 150 to 300 dpi for larger images.)

Adverts using Flash animation or sound cannot be accepted but adverts, or items within them, can be hyperlinked to any address.

We will automatically hyperlink to website and email addresses if these appear in your advertisement. Your advertisement can be hyperlinked to multiple separate addresses, such as to a video clip, to web pages and to more than one email address. If you want additional hyperlinks from images or text in your advertisement you MUST supply details of your requirements with your PDF.

IPROW reserves the right not to accept an advert if the Editor or Directors deem it to be unsuitable. If you have any questions about content please contact the Editor.

The journal goes out quarterly with approximate 2018/19 publication dates of:

  • Spring edition – 16 April (booking and early copy date 16 March and copy deadline 29 March)
  • Summer edition – 16 July (booking and early copy date 15 June and copy deadline 3 July)
  • Autumn edition – 19 November (booking and early copy date 17 October copy deadline 5 November)
  • Winter edition – 14 January 2019 (booking date and early copy date 7 December and copy deadline 21 December)

Advertise a Job Vacancy

IPROW is the leading source of information about job vacancies for people working in the access and rights of way profession.

From 1 January 2018 adverts cost only £300 (exc VAT) for the first post (up to two other posts can be included for free as long as they all appear on the same advertisement and are advertised at the same time). There is no agency discount.

To advertise a vacancy please send the plain text with any attachment (such as a logo or a fully formatted pdf document with logo) if required to with a purchase order or order number and invoice contact and address.

Vacancies are posted in the members’ area of the IPROW website and all members subscribing to the service are circulated with the details of the post. The advertisement is live from date of processing or embargo until the closing date for applications. Our staff are part time and may not always be in the office; we aim to have advertisments live within two working days of receipt. Please bear this in mind when submitting advertisments to us.

If you have any queries about this service please contact

Please note:

If alterations are requested once the post has been advertised there may be a subsequent charge, particularly if email alerts need to be re-sent.

Jobs are not advertised in Waymark.