If you have not found what you were looking for on our pages dedicated to TRAINING, JOIN IPROW (membership), ADVERTISING  and on our FAQ page then IPROW can be contacted as below. Please contact us by email for preference.  Our staff work part time and whilst we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible there may be some delay.

Please note that we do not give advice on rights of way or access matters to non-members and the public.

At the moment we have a staff vacancy. For enquiries about membership, job vacancies, accounts and invoicing and subscriptions to Waymark please email 

If you need to speak to someone please call 01536 514749.

Geri Coop deals with training courses, company secretary business and general enquiries.

01536 514749

For other (non-subscription) enquiries about Waymark, including content and advertising contact the editor (currently a vacant post).

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